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Highest Paying Project Manager Jobs in Canada

A project manager is a business professional who oversees projects either for their own company or as a consultant for another business. Project managers typically prioritize protecting these aspects of their projects regardless of the industry in which they operate.

In Canada, those seeking a career in project management must meet specific educational and skill requirements. One's career options as a project manager are diverse, allowing them to work in a variety of industries and on a wide variety of projects. Project management specialization frequently results in a higher compensation. In this article, we'll discuss what it means to be a project manager, list six of the best-paying project manager jobs, and offer suggestions for how to increase your salary and focus on project management.

High Paying Project Manager Jobs

1. Marketing project manager

Director of Marketing Projects The average Canadian salary is $58,107 per year.

Primarily, a marketing project manager is responsible for overseeing promotional and marketing efforts. Regular duties for a marketing project manager include planning and executing campaigns, overseeing teams of marketing and advertising professionals, and collaborating with the marketing director.

2. Project management consultant

In Canada, a project management consultant can expect an average annual salary of $81,716.

The primary responsibility of a project management consultant is to advise clients on how to improve the efficiency of their operations. Consultants in project management often work with clients to advise them on best practices, devise solutions to operational or procedural issues, and monitor the implementation of project management methodologies.

3. Construction project manager

In Canada, construction project managers earn a median annual salary of $83,428.

The primary role of a construction project manager is to coordinate all of the work that goes into building a structure, from the planning stages to the final inspections. Logistics planning, ensuring that the construction crew meets deadlines, and budget management are all typical responsibilities for construction project managers.

4. PMO manager:

In Canada, a PMO manager can expect to earn a median annual salary of $94,366.

Principal duties: A PMO manager, also known as a project management office manager, is responsible for ensuring that all project managers representing the company in client interactions follow a defined set of guidelines. PMO managers typically hold meetings with project managers to discuss best practices, report project management metrics to business leadership, and implement any necessary changes to policy or procedure.

5. IT project manager

IT project managers can expect to earn an annual salary of $ 100 456 on average across the country.

An IT project manager's primary function is to oversee endeavors that involve the development and application of IT. This usually entails doing things like making sure everyone working on the project has access to the resources they need to complete the project, making sure IT goals are met, and monitoring the IT team's operations.


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