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Citizenship By Investment In Switzerland – All You Need To Know In 2022

Switzerland citizenship by investment grants foreign nationals with Swiss residency, followed by a Swiss passport. It is fastest and most cost effective way to obtain the Swiss Passport and fast track obtaining EU visa-free access to over 170 countries including Canada, Australia New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Citizenship by investment in Switzerland has no language requirements or health screening. The Swiss Residency process is a very effective way to secure your home base as you further pursue your business interests across the world!

As a foreign national, living in Switzerland is nothing short of amazing, aside from Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese. Swiss residency offers a great quality of life thanks to its beautiful national parks and landscapes. Opportunities for work abound in a politically and economically stable country with Switzerland's banking system on your side.

Citizenship By Investment In Switzerland - All You Need To Know

Furthermore, the country is noted for being family-friendly, having a number of highly regarded educational institutions. Switzerland has it all for investors looking for a great business climate. Many of the world's largest corporations have chosen the country as the site of their European headquarters.

Financial requirements for the Switzerland Investor Visa

You have two options for residency and citizenship under the Swiss citizenship by investment plan. Note that if you want to live in Switzerland but not work, the Swiss Residence Program is for you.

  • Option a) Swiss Residence Program also referred to as the Swiss Golden Visa: Under this program, you must pay a lump sum tax of CHF 200,000 to the Swiss canton where you live. Depending on the canton, this payment could range from CHF 400,000 to CHF 600,000 each year. You are unable to work because of this application.
  • Option b) Swiss Business Investor Program (or Swiss citizenship by investment):  Non-EU citizens must form a new Swiss firm or invest in an existing Swiss company with a revenue of at least CHF 1 million.
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