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Mauritius Citizenship By Investment 2022

Mauritius Citizenship By Investment 2022

Mauritius has made substantial modifications to its immigration laws and its golden visa system for acquiring permanent residency.

Mauritius is one of the world's top three countries for air purity. The state provides free education and protection for the aged and increases inclusion and a negative income tax. Mauritius is a popular tourist destination with a tropical climate, warm seas, beaches, and tropical wildlife and vegetation. Corporations pay a 15% tax rate without capital gains tax or dividend withholding tax. Mauritius has a robust open economy, favourable tax regulations, ease of forming offshore companies, and a modern and stable banking industry with several international and national banks available to non-residents, making it highly appealing to foreign investors.

Mauritius Citizenship By Investment 2022

Types of visas in Mauritius:

  1. Tourist visa: Tourist visas are issued to people travelling for pleasure. They are not permitted to operate any business during their stay or make any investments.
    This visa is only granted if you transport products from one Mauritius port to another. And the key is only suitable for three days, sometimes even more minor.
  2. On-arrival visa: An on-arrival key is issued when entering the nation. However, not everyone is qualified, and a tourist must first obtain clearance from the immigration office.
  3. Student visa: This visa is for prospective students studying or training at a higher education institution in Mauritius.
  4. Temporary work visa: People who work in Mauritian organizations are granted a temporary work visa.
  5. Spouse visa: A spouse, a resident partner, or a Mauritius citizen may apply for a spouse visa.
  6. Business visa: This type of visa is given to visitors who want to do short-term business in the nation.
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