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Mauritius Citizenship By Investment 2022


What is the minimum amount of money required to immigrate to Mauritius?

According to High Street Auctions, investors may gain permanent residence for themselves, their wives, children of all ages, and their parents for a minimum investment of $375,000, with the procedure being reasonably cheap and uncomplicated.

What are my options for obtaining permanent residency in Mauritius?

As an innovative investor, a professional, or a self-employed individual, foreign individuals can get a combined occupation and residency visa. An employee in Mauritius might also obtain you a residence permit, provided your monthly basic pay is at least MUR60,000.

Is it possible for foreigners to invest in Mauritius?

A foreign resident or a Mauritian citizen can purchase a home, villa, or apartment in Mauritius and invest safely while benefiting from tax incentives through the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), and other investment schemes.

Is Mauritius a suitable place to invest?

The country's crime rate is meagre, giving both domestic and international investors a sense of security in their endeavours. Investment funds have become a popular choice for Mauritius's local and international investors. Mauritius' tourist industry is one of the country's key revenue generators.


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