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Netherlands Citizenship By Investment 2022 – All You Need To Know

Netherlands NetherlandsNetherlands Citizenship By Investment

The Netherlands is an important EU member with a diverse economy, culture, and trade. Canals, bicycles, and tulips abound in the land. The Netherlands' capital is Amsterdam. The Netherlands has the world's 17th largest economy and is one of western Europe's most developed and densely populated countries.

The Netherlands is among the best in international rankings of press freedom, economic freedom, human development, and quality of life. The name ‘Netherlands' literally translates to ‘lower countries,' referring to its low land and flat topography, with just around half of its territory rising beyond one meter above sea level. The country has a long history of social tolerance and is widely considered a liberal society, having legalized abortion, prostitution, and euthanasia while retaining a progressive drug policy. Amsterdam is the Netherlands' financial and business hub.

Netherlands Citizenship By Investment
Netherlands Citizenship By Investment

With the Port of Rotterdam being Europe's largest port, the Netherlands has great access to markets in the United Kingdom and Germany for international trade. The Netherlands remains one of the most attractive European countries for foreign direct investment, and it is one of the top five foreign investors in the United States. The migration rate in the country is 2.0 migrants per 1,000 people per year (2 percent ).

NOTE: The Dutch government has decided to discontinue the RBI program, and no new RBI applications will be accepted from January 1, 2022.

Although applicants can apply for Dutch citizenship after five years of continuous permanent presence, the Netherlands does not have a citizenship-by-investment program. Applicants must demonstrate social integration (for example, by speaking Dutch) and, in many situations, relinquish their original nationality.

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