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Netherlands Citizenship By Investment 2022 – All You Need To Know

Netherlands Citizenship By Investment: How to Apply

The first stage in the process is to obtain an MVV, or interim residency permit. Applicants from Western countries such as the United States and a few Asian countries like Japan and South Korea are exempt from submitting an MVV. The investor residency permit and the MVV are both being sought simultaneously. A Dutch embassy receives the applications.

Decisions are taken within 90 days. If approved, the candidate then travels to the Netherlands. Once you've arrived in the country, you'll need health insurance and a tuberculosis test. The residency permit is good for three years.

The application fee is estimated to be around 2,100 euros. It must be written in one of the languages listed below: Dutch, English, French, or German.

Netherlands Citizenship By Investment: Why You Should Invest

  • Central Europe's financial and trade capital
  • Visa In the Schengen Zone, there is no restriction on mobility.
  • Permit for family and children to stay in the country
  • A secure banking system, first-rate health care, and high-quality education are all available.
  • There are no residency restrictions.
  • After 5 years of residence in the Netherlands, you can apply for EU citizenship.
  • Invest in the real estate industry in the Netherlands.

In October 2013, the Netherlands introduced a foreign investment visa program for high-net-worth persons (HNW). The program's goal is to entice international investors to make significant investments in the Netherlands to strengthen the country's economy.

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