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Netherlands Citizenship By Investment 2022 – All You Need To Know

Netherlands Citizenship By Investment: Qualifying Investments

You make a minimum investment of € 1.25 million in one of the following:

  1. A Dutch enterprise that is cutting-edge (startups)
  2. A contractual joint venture in which one or more innovative enterprises are invested;
  3. A Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs-approved venture fund, or

The investment must contribute value to the Dutch economy, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) will analyze it. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency uses a points system. If the investment meets two of the following three conditions, it adds value:

  • At least ten jobs will be created in the next five years.
  • The introduction of a patent, investing in technological and non-technological innovation, or investing in a company that belongs to a top sector are all examples of contributions to boosting the innovativeness of a Dutch company.
  • There is also non-monetary added value, such as specific knowledge, networks, clients, and the investor's active involvement.

Netherlands Citizenship By Investment: FAQs

What are the expected returns on investment?

Invest in the Dutch startup business and obtain a 10-30% IRR and a government-issued “Golden Visa” for an investment of €1 25 million ($1 42 million). A simple and quick approach to obtain EU citizenship and, eventually, a passport by investing in the EU.

Is this a Schengen visa or a non-Schengen visa?

Yes, the Netherlands is a full member of Schengen, and visas and residence cards issued by Schengen states allow you to travel freely throughout the Schengen area.

Is the EUR 1.25 million investment required before receiving the visa?

When you've decided on a VC fund or startup, we'll contact them to determine how many shares you'll get for your €1.25 million investment. There is no risk because the investment will only be transferred if the Dutch government approves the application.

​”You only transfer the €1.25 million IF the Immigration Services grants you the Dutch residency permit,” we'll write in the investment paperwork.

How long does it take?

Allow at least 2-3 months for your golden visa to arrive.

  • 30-60 days for investmentNetherlands Netherlands contract
  • 10 days for INS immigration

The Dutch golden visa is also the quickest golden visa scheme, with judgments made by the INS immigration office within 10 working days.

How long does a Dutch residence permit last?

It can be extended for another two years after the first three years. After five years, you will be granted a permanent residency permit. To apply for extensions, you must meet the following requirements.

  • In the Netherlands, you rent or purchase a place to live.
  • You have health insurance in the Netherlands.
  • You made your tax and social security payments on time.
  • You didn't participate in any illegal actions.
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