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How To Immigrate To Canada Fast – 14 days or Less

How To Immigrate To Canada Fast – 14 days or Less

How amazing would it be to get into Canada as fast as 14 days (2 weeks) or less? And that's not the best part. To achieve this within this short timeframe, you won't need a majority of what disqualifies many from gaining entrance through immigration into Canada like

2. No LMIA
3. No Major educational degree qualification

it's too good to be true, you say?!

Imagine where you don't need to write any IELTS exams or worry about your score might be; I bet that will be a huge relief?

No LMIA (What is LMIA?)

The LMIA means the Labour Market Impact Assessment. This is an examination that every immigrant looking to relocate through employment means in Canada must undergo. Your employer has to put in an application on your behalf, and if you don't pass the assessment, then the chance of relocating to Canada through employment is gone.

No Major Educational Qualification

The minimum requirement in education to qualify for the immigration process is not a Master's, A-Level degree, or even O Level degree. A basic higher school certification is all you need to qualify and start your immigration process to Canada.

So you must be wondering where and how to get started, right?

How To Immigrate To Canada Fast - 14 days or Less

What is IMP Program?

The IMP program, which is the International Mobility Program, allows foreign citizens entry into Canada without the LMIA assessment for employers looking to hire and diversify their workforce, which would, in turn, enrich the culture and tradition of both the employer and the foreign employee.

This process makes it easier for both the employer and employee, who enjoy a more straightforward and faster-hiring process.

So how do you begin?

Step by step process of applying for the International Mobility Program

  1. Find and secure a job with an IMP eligible employer. (To search for registered employers and job positions, visit the link
  2. Once considered for the job, the employer must submit an official job offer in Canada through the Employer Portal and is required to pay a 230# compliance fee.
    If you happen to have an Open Work Permit, they won't be a need for your employer to pay the above sum, and it makes your application easier and faster to process.
  3. The employer receives an employment number on your behalf.
  4. The number obtained by your employer would be required to complete your work permit application process.
  5. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed for work eligibility by the Canadian immigration authorities. If approved, the authorities will issue a Letter of Introduction (LOI), and a work permit will be issued.
  6. Hurray! Move to Canada and begin life at your new job.

(NOTE: All the above process of application is only for those applying from OUTSIDE OF CANADA)

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