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University Of Notre Dame Scholarships – All Important Info

University of Notre Dame Merit Scholarships

A limited number of merit scholarships are available to admitted first-year students at Notre Dame. The honorees have displayed exceptional success, leadership, commitment to service, and intellectual promise. Financial need is not taken into account until otherwise specified.

How Does It Work?

At Notre Dame, merit scholarships are reviewed with every admissions application; you do not need to submit a separate application until you are notified that you have been selected as a merit semi-finalist.
Please note that students who earn both a merit and a need-based scholarship from the University will have the need-based element of their financial assistance reduced or eliminated by federal requirements and institutional policy.

Because the merit-based scholarships are limited in number and competitive, applicants are advised to apply for need-based financial aid if paying for a Notre Dame education would be a financial hardship. Merit aid is awarded to about 3% of admitted students, but need-based financial aid is available to many more.

To access the current portal for scholarships available to international students at undergraduate, postgraduate, and based on merit standards, follow the link.


Is there a full-ride scholarship available at Notre Dame?

Ten admitted students will be designated Stamps Notre Dame Scholars each year and will receive full tuition and fees merit scholarship for up to four years of undergraduate study.

How many are Notre Dame students on scholarship?

The average first-year financial aid package at Notre Dame is $48,420. Incoming students receive financial aid in 56.0 percent, the majority of which are scholarships and grants.

Is it possible to get a free admission ticket to Notre Dame?

The tower (€8.50) and the crypt (€6) require tickets, which are not included in the free admission to Notre Dame.

What is a scholarship at Notre Dame?

The Notre Dame Scholars' Program chooses high-achieving first-year Notre Dame students for merit-based scholarship awards based on their academic achievements, demonstrated leadership, and community service.

What paperwork, documents, and applications do I need to submit to apply for financial aid at Notre Dame?

Students seeking financial aid should fill out the CSS Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (FAFSA). Parents and students should also send supporting paperwork to the College Board's Institutional Documentation Service, including copies of signed federal income tax returns (with schedules), W-2 pay statements, and other papers needed by the Office of Financial Aid (IDOC).

What exactly is the IDOC Service from the College Board?

Instead of sending individual documents to each participating institution to which a student has applied for admission, the College Board's IDOC Service allows students to submit a single package of supporting material to IDOC. The College Board will contact CSS Profile candidates directly about submitting supporting paperwork. All supporting papers should be uploaded to IDOC at the same time.

When should I submit my financial assistance application to Notre Dame?

First-year candidates applying for Restrictive Early Action should submit IDOC information by December 15 and complete the CSS Profile and FAFSA by November 15. Regular Decision applicants should submit IDOC information by March 1 and complete the CSS Profile and FAFSA by February 15.
You can still apply for financial aid even if you missed the priority deadline. You will be given full consideration. Financial aid applications submitted after the priority deadline may delay receiving a Financial Aid Notification.


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