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Top 5 Best Weekend Getaways In Canada – A Must Read

Top 5 Best Weekend Getaways In Canada – A Must Read

Canada is a country with a lot of beautiful places. It's often easy to fall into the habit of doing the same things, over and over again. You can always go to your favorite mall, or watch your all-time movie for the 100th time. Apart from visiting the same old places, another trap we tend to fall into is not exploring our surroundings. You probably don't even know about so much more out there.

Your travel destination is a very personal choice, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that the destination you choose is the right one for you. Experienced travelers know that planning is key, and that can't be more true when choosing a vacation spot.

Before you plan your trip, you need to know what you're looking for in your ideal vacation spot. Some people want to be close to home, while others prefer adventure and exploration. Maybe you're looking for just a great time away from it all. Whatever your motivation, some elements are essential for finding the perfect getaway.

The most important thing you can do before your trip is to choose the right location. For example, if it's summer and you prefer warm weather, consider where you'll go during the winter months instead. If it's winter and you're not keen on snow, consider traveling to a place with a milder climate in the summertime instead of in the fall or spring. Some places will be too hot or cold for comfort, even in their hottest months.

Best Weekend Getaways In Canada

It's also important to choose a destination with the right activities and attractions for your tastes and preferences. For example, if you're looking for adventure.

You might be surprised at what you can find within driving distance of your home if you look hard enough. This will be especially true if you live in Canada, which has some of the best destinations. There are so many beautiful places around this country you can visit on a weekend getaway that it would take forever to list them all out. Here are just a few great options, but don't stop here: do your research and find something new!

No matter your favorite season, you'll find it somewhere in Canada. And there are more than enough places to explore near and far from each major city, so if you're short on time, you can still get a taste of the great outdoors.

If there is one thing that Canada has a lot of, it's beauty. The entire country is awash with iconic landmarks and natural wonders that can take your breath away from coast to coast. It was hard enough to narrow the list down to just ten contenders for the best weekend getaways in Canada that aren't Toronto.

In this guide, I've included some cities you might already know about (Montreal and Quebec City) and some smaller places you might not have considered before. And if Montreal is your home base, most of them are close enough for a short flight or an easy road trip.

Here's a list of the best weekend getaways in Canada:

The Canadian Rockies

Best Weekend Getaways In Canada

Who doesn't love the majestic mountains? The Canadian Rockies are one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and even just driving between national parks — Banff National Park and Jasper National Park — will make you fall in love with this area.

Canada is home to several of the world's most iconic natural wonders, so it's been a popular vacation spot for travelers from around the globe for centuries.

The Canadian Rockies are located in southeastern Alberta and encompass a wide range of rugged terrain, from snow-capped peaks to vast forests and icefields. Most visitors are drawn to the area's stunning seascapes, which are home to several of North America's largest glaciers and a handful of gorgeous islands.

While there are countless places to visit in Canada's Rocky Mountains, there are also several places worth checking out while you're there.

Banff National Park is one of the most popular stops on Canada's Rocky Mountain trail. Tucked into the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park offers visitors some of the best hiking opportunities in all of Canada. There is over 280km (170 miles) of trails within the park, but many people make day hikes out of it. The scenic Bow Valley Parkway is one path you'll want to take if you want to get out into nature without hiking long distances into the mountains.

Niagara Falls

Best weekend getaways in Canada

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls globally, but it's also a bustling city full of museums, restaurants, nightlife, and picturesque views. It's only a 90-minute drive from Toronto.

Niagara Falls is by far Canada's best weekend getaway. It's one of the most famous tourist destinations globally, and for a good reason. The waterfalls are spectacular, especially when they're all lit up at night. There are also a variety of attractions and things to do nearby. Here are some of our top choices for fun Niagara Falls activities.

Niagara Falls may be one of the most famous waterfalls on the planet, but it's also one of the world's most impressive natural wonders. For centuries, Niagara Falls has captivated and inspired travelers who come to experience its raw power and natural beauty. Visitors can go right to the brink of Horseshoe Falls for a thrillingly up-close look at this iconic Canadian spectacle.

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