Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2022: All You Need To Know

UK University Study Guide With Cost Of Living & Other Expenses

The annual average cost of living in the UK for international students is roughly PS12,000 per year. International students pursuing undergraduate degrees full-time should expect to pay between PS 10,000 and PS 30000 per year. Tuition costs for full-time courses for international students range between PS 10,000 to 13,000 a year for postgraduate degrees. For research and laboratory-based services, the annual cost is PS 14,000 per year. The UK Visa and Immigration Service requires that you use a total of PS 1,265 every year to study in London. This sum is in addition to the tuition. It is the bare minimum you must demonstrate in order to obtain the necessary visa to study in London. This is a lower figure than in other parts of the UK. If you are studying at a university outside of London, you must earn at least PS 1,015 per month, according to UK Visa and Immigration. Your spending budget will fluctuate depending on your style of life and will be influenced by how much you socialize and determine a share of your expenses in life in the UK.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship: Watch Q & A Sessions for Prospective Student

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